The Agriponics Advantage

The Agriponics Vertical Farming System is the solution to produce high volumes of fresh and tasty foods for local populations and a way to reduce the environmental impact of current production methods.  By eliminating the use of environmentally destructive chemicals, pesticides and herbicides as well as the need to transport produce over long distances, it leads to a healthier environment  and in meeting the increasing food needs of the world population.




There are many types of vertical farming systems of which many are producing high volumes of fresh produce, but operating inefficiently. This means higher production costs and more expensive food for local consumers.

We have researched and analysed vertical farming operations to identify the gaps in efficiencies and the effectiveness of growing large volumes of produce in controlled environments. Through this research, we have developed innovative processes and systems utilizing the latest technological advances to mitigate the high costs of labor, energy and indoor growing infrastructure.

The Agriponics Vertical Farming System keeps costs low by using our unique and innovative ‘Seed to Store’ fresh produce growing system.

The Agriponics Vertical Farming Systems are installed locally to provide continuous supplies of fresh, locally grown produce regardless of climate or local weather conditions. Our proprietary Seed to Store growing systems ensures that local consumers get the freshest and tastiest produce.




  • Vertical farming systems can be installed anywhere in the world from bone dry deserts to the frigid arctic/antarctic environments lacking fresh available water;

  • Vertical farming is the only solution for water deprived climates, requiring  less than 10 % of  the water that conventional land farming uses and the water is recycled for optimal utilization;

  • Countries which experience severe drought and resulting food shortages now have access to locally grown, chemical free, and nutritious food;

  • This concept extends to local schools which can produce their own nutritious foods for their cafeteria. At the same time, it doubles as a  learning environment where children learn about the chemistry, biology, robotics and other related subjects and apply their knowledge to grow fresh food in a fun environment;

  • The Agriponics Vertical Farm systems are scalable and can be shipped 100% ready to use in remote mining operations, disaster zones and other areas.